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Hudson Law – Ultratech Title are Your Source for Georgia Title Searches and Municipal Lien Searches

Jul 30, 2020

30 Jul

Hudson Law – Ultratech Title are Your Source for Georgia Title Searches and Municipal Lien Searches


Hudson Law and Ultratech Title  have decades of experience providing real estate service providers with Georgia title searches and municipal lien searches. We will present you with all the information you and your client’s need to know before completing a transaction.

The Type of Information We  Can Provide

We can provide you with a current owner search, which covers the current vesting deed for the property. The current owner search will provide details on any judgments and liens against the present owners. Our team can find out more about the tax status of the property, including delinquencies against the owners.

We can complete a chain of title search for commercial properties. This process encompasses all leases and contracts that may affect the title of the building. Within our commercial searches, we can also find out about liens, assignments, and open mortgages associated with the building.

Requirements for Georgia Title Searches

Under state law, a record title covering a period of 50 years is considered sufficient to determine property marketability. That is true unless an agent consults a local underwriter for approval related to a reduced search time on the property. The Marketable Record Title Act has a 40-year title search requirement but follows the guidelines set out by state law. A marketable title is “free from reasonable doubt or any sort of threat of litigation.”

Turn to us for Georgia Title Searches and Municipal Lien Searches

Our team has decades of experience in the title search process and can find out crucial details that might impact your upcoming property transactions. In addition to being the preferred service provider for municipal lien searches  in Georgia, we have access to the following via the Real Estate Georgia Deed System:

  • Deed Indexes – all counties in Georgia
  • Deed Images – all counties in Georgia
  • Conveyance Transfer Tax Data (PT-61) – all counties in Georgia
  • Transfer Tax Images – all counties in Georgia
  • Grantor and Grantee search features – all counties in Georgia
  • Statewide, regional, or individual county search features
  • Book and Page search features – all counties in Georgia
  • Subdivision and Lot search features – participating counties in Georgia
  • Instrument Type search features – all counties in Georgia
  • Street address search features – all counties in Georgia
  • Map search features – all counties in Georgia
  • Daily transactions search and reporting – all counties in Georgia
  • Smartphone search capabilities – all counties in Georgia
  • Sales price data – all counties in Georgia
  • Creation of user-driven search reports

Our access to this level of comprehensive data means we can provide you with up-to-the-minute information about your client’s target property, ensuring all title questions are addressed.

Our trusted and experienced teams  are here now to help guide you through the title search process. Experience a quicker turnaround time, smoother delivery, and superior customer care with the Hudson Law and Ultratech Title.

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