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Crafting the Perfect Business Tagline: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide

Nov 13, 2020

13 Nov

Crafting the Perfect Business Tagline: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide

by Harold Hudson

In real estate, you’ve got just a few seconds to separate yourself from the competition. The best way to do that? Have a killer tagline that tells people who you are and what you offer. Your tagline will live everywhere, from your social media to your business cards. Here’s your quick-and-easy guide to help you write the perfect business tagline.

Use Your Bio

Any successful real estate agent has a bio. This is where you can mine for some nuggets of info that tell the world about yourself. Focus on the words that are most important to your brand and that highlight your area of expertise.

Important words or phrases would include the name of your community, “buying and selling a home,” your title, such as a licensed realtor, and a trademark phrase that you might use for your call to action. Here’s what that might look like:

• A lifetime of knowledge in the Atlanta area
• Licensed realtor
• Trusted expert in the Atlanta area
• Guide in the home buying or selling process

Get More Specific

Next, think of words and phrases that will attract your target. This might include first-time buyers, condo hunters, retirees, and so on. Then, consider terms that will offer a value proposition—in other words, what makes you stand out? Do you answer calls and texts 24/7? Do you use special software that makes your client’s life easier? Do you have a marketing team to help you sell more quickly?

Some examples:

• Unparalleled marketing tools
• Follows the local real estate market daily
• Text anytime

Start Writing

You should now have the words and phrases you need to start writing. This will be a condensed version of your bio and perfect for social media.

You want to condense your expertise and services into one bite-sized chunk. Aim at around 160 characters to get this right. It will take some cutting back, so first write your ideal mini bio. Then edit it down some more. Here is a sample Twitter bio, using the phrases we took from above:

“Realtor applying a lifetime of knowledge in Georgia with unparalleled marketing. Your guide to the home buying or selling process.”

It’s short and sweet and still well under the character count.

Nail That Tagline

You now have what you need to nail that tagline. Look at your mini bio and see what jumps out at you the most. For the example above you might try:

“Your guide to home buying and selling in Georgia.”

If you want to target your niche, you can then get more specific:

For retirees:

Your guide to retiring in Georgia.

For first time buyers:

“Your guide to first-time home buying in Georgia.”

For condo hunters:

“Your guide to condo living in Georgia.”

Once you’ve got your tagline, roll it out across your social media, website, and blog. Don’t forget to do a quick update to your business card and print materials to include your new tagline.

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